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Written & Illustrated by
Veli Kahraman

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Previous Planet

The fantastic story of a tiny chaos in the whole universe!
Written and Illustrated by
Veli Kahraman
Thousand years ago, the "Previous Planet" where only larvas lived became uninhabitable due to the gases that filled its atmosphere. Muri, who is a simple plumber still an optimist believing the bright future, becomes an anti-state phenomenon as he mentions the idea of "Transporting into the future" Not long after he gets arrested. As his successful defense that built on the statement of "Right to non-sense" gets wildly adopted by the ruling larvas as an appropriate administrative policy for that period, He is awarded the title of "National scholar" and made to minister of transportation. The first thing MURI and his team does is to build a spaceship inspired by the "God Masks" -that is a very known figure in the Larva World- however, this transportation vehicle turns out to be not compatible with larva biology. The vehicle only accepts who is compatible with itself! The situation is different for ZOE, which turns into a creature by falling into the gene pool containing dark matter. After her transformation into a creature she becomes fully compatible with the spaceship. On top of that, when the new version of ZOE is introduced to the public with an advertising campaign, larvas that want to switch to a new species with gene change form long queues in front of the laboratory. But in this regard, the number of lucky larvas does not exceed the fingers of one hand. When the growing discontent among the people was suppressed by a coup. The idea of creating a single type of larva is put to public vote by referendum. Perhaps the chaos of these larvas who transformed into mutants will be the beginning of humankind in this giant universe.


"Previous Planet" is a fantasy story with a minimal point of view and a plain style, full of mischievous connotations. Veli Kahraman, the author of the story and the creator of the pictures, conveys the allegory of this chaotic age in which we seek ways to escape rather than living in a humorous style.

Rare NFT's

We present to NFT collectors the graphic works that emerged during the illustrations of the "Previous Planet", which started as a graphic novel. Our NFT collection was produced within the scope of "Previous Planet" and will continue to diversify.

From larva to humanoid...
an extraordinary story

About the drawings...

The "Previous Planet" story began with drawings made in a sketchbook. The subject of the story, the universe of the larvas, the gathering, It consists of duplications and foldings. Horizontal or vertical folding creates a new universe. Although this new universe may seem chaotic, soon some lines produces forms related to each other and it seems to be a candidate for revival. According to our story we got these at the larva lab nonfunctional genes of 'dark matter' caused by deletion Let's say a new type of larva...

"a means of transport to the future"
and "god mask"


ArtWorks of Previous Planet

Rare NFT collection

The "Previous Planet" and "The Larva Stories".

Every artist creates a playing field in which he enjoys growing up by becoming a child to the fullest. He wanders in the world, rests, strives and enjoys creating as he pleases. “Creating” in such a field becomes a discovery over time. In this way, his journey to understand himself and the world outside dissolves into other things and turns into a lively, joyful narrative.

“Previous Planet” is the kind of “playing” field I’ve been talking about. I have been sketching illustrations, graphic designs, sometimes three-dimensional masks and objects, and sometimes moving the story to other narrative planes such as animation. It can also be called a hobby that I enjoy being in, constructing and sharing with you. It is also the second of the story and illustration works that I call “Larva Stories”…

When appropriate, it is said that “In the Beginning There was Chaos”… Maybe the events that larvas experienced on the Previous Planet are also “chaos” for us.

Stay with love…

About Us
Project Creator, writer and illustrator
Veli Kahraman
[email protected]

art director, production designer, stage and costume designer, graphic designer, illustrator, documentary film director and story writer

Project Producer
Fırat Bayram Bakır
[email protected]

film producer, filmmaker

tinker, crypto investor.