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"Previous Planet"

Mutant Larvas,
Avatars with The "God Mask" &
Iconic poses with the "God Mask"
How is "Mutant larvas" and "God Mask" are related with the "Previous Planet"?

"Previous Planet" is an allegory of the age we live in, in a humorous style. A story based on larvas' desire to escape their uninhabitable planet... When the Larva World's desire to go to a better world, combined with an almost obsessive idea of a future, the idea of "Moving to the Future" by the Minister of Transport MURI is quickly accepted among larvas, but their job is difficult. . Because the spacecraft they created, inspired by the "Mask of God", is not compatible with the biology of larvas at all. Therefore, in order to identify the worms that will qualify to be transported to the future with the spacecraft, the worms must enter the gene pool that contains dark matter. Those who pass the test receive the "Portable to the Future Certificate", while those who are negative have to live the rest of their lives in their mutant form, unfortunately.

What are Mutant Larvas (ML)?

Mutant Larvas are graphic figures produced by Veli Kahraman, who is also the author of the story, during the illustration work of the "Previous Planet" story. These figures are not used exactly in the book illustrations. However, the characters in the story were developed by being inspired by these "mutant larva" studies. Although there are intermediate sketches of the artist, each of them is considered as a separate artistic work, since they have a style and graphic value that goes beyond being a sketch.

What is the "God Mask" (GM)?

As described in the "Previous Planet" story; the name given by larvas to a "star array" that appears in a celestial event that appears once every thousands of years, and its symbolic counterpart in the Larva World. It is a form designed for the story and is typically reminiscent of the face of a tongue sticking out larva.

Classifications of ML and GM NFTs

Mutant Larvas were collected under seven different headings. The avatar were named "hairy avatar" and "yellow drop avatar". The rectangular ones were grouped as "basic", "yellow drop", "hairy", "with the god mask" and "with transparent god mask". "God Mask" NFTs were prepared in three groups. The first group consists of yellow, blue and red colors as they are in the story. The second group is the version where the background color changes based on the contour lines named PERDUE. The third group is the version in which the mask is designed in soft colors, accompanied by small squares with a color scale. Another NFT collection, in which The "God Mask" is used, includes some musicians and actors like Marilyn Monroe, who have been popular in various years. It is the design of the poses of the people, which became iconic in the years they lived, as a graphic card with the "God Masked" state. Each group was prepared in packs of 12. All graphics were produced one by one on the computer without using any software algorithms. That's why, in every way, they are here as "unique" NFTs.

Will the "Previous Planet" NFT designs continue?

Yes, new designs or versions will continue to be produced over time and offered on the same or similar platforms.

Mutant Larvas (ML)

"basic" ML
"Yellow Drop" ML
"with hair" ML
"with god mask" ML
"with taransparent god mask" ML

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Iconic Poses with the "God Mask"

Iconic poses with the "God Masks" NFT Collection

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Marilyn with the "God Mask" NFT Collection

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